Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Andre's Pictures

Distributing the last of the shoes from Bikes, Boots n' Bandaids.
The lucky winner of 1 of the last 3 bikes from Bikes, Boots N' Bandaids

How WE live
How THEY live

Before 1 day's work
After 1day's work

At the end of the 2nd day of work at the latrine. At the start of the 1st day, only the ground level work had been completed, by some other group than Rotary. This view is of the front half of the building, showing 2 separate stalls: There are 2 more stalls behind, and the building is almost ready now to receive it's pitched roof.

Day 3 of the latrine work, and the roof is being completed.
Water always has to be carried. This is not one of the batay residents (too well-dressed!), but the son of one of the professional bricklayers.

Duncan from Hampton trying sugarcane. The kids eat it all the time, sometimes it's the only thing they have to eat.

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