Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday February 2nd
Day 8 in DR, Day 4 for Rotary

Today is a day of fun and rest. Dr Bob has arranged for us - or whoever wants to go - to take an all-inclusive boat ride to an island called Isla Saona. Apparently, this outing has become a tradition for the Rotary Water Working Teams.

After breakfast, we pile into a bus for the half-hour ride to a resort area called Bayahibe from where the boats leave. We'll be going out in speedboats and returning on a catamaran. The speedboat is LARGE, seating about 30 and driven by two huge 200hp outboard motors, and the ride out takes about a half-hour. At the island, the beach is typical Caribbean, miles long and fringed with coconut trees. The tour operators each have a section, equipped with beach chairs, hammocks, bars, BBQ pits, dance floors and palm-roofed eating areas. It's cute. There are some wandering vendors but not many and the stuff they sell is really quite good. There are even some Dominican women who offer massages! All-inclusive means that the meal and the booze are included.

After a good BBQ lunch, and after 4 hours of beach, sand, sun, turquoise sea and merengue music, it's time to head back. We're on a catamaran now, and the time required to return will be a lot longer - about 2 hours. It's pleasant, though, and the music continues, the dancing continues, and the flow of 'free' booze continues. It's a hard life but someone has to do it.

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